In The Beginning

You may well look back some day and say that this was the hardest time in your life. I know it was for me. I don’t even have an accurate memory of the earliest days after my husband’s death. It's just a blur. Friends lovingly cared for my kids and me. The awful trip to the mortuary and funeral home with my stoic brother. Weeks of frantic activity trying to move my family out of a home that had become a murder scene. All the months of clawing myself to some vague state of halfway normal functioning, at least on the surface. These pages are for that horrible time. The beginning of the end of you as a married woman. The beginning of you as a new person. Please click though these topics and use what you find helpful. And throughout these pages I will mention community support services. If you are having trouble finding resources in your area, go to There you will be able to find the community information and referral agency that serves your state, city, or zip code.